Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets Review

Dec 10

Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets Review

Russell Brunson is somebody that we have been following for several years now because of the constant outstanding material that he seems to put into the market. If you don’t know who he is, he is somebody who has made his millions through Internet marketing. He actually just bid $50,000 at a charity event to put DotComSecrets on the side of two Virgin America airplanes!

So What is DotComSecrets?

It is a membership type site in which Russell will teach its students to make a living online. Our favorite part (because it aligns with how realistic life is) is that how successful you become is ultimately how hard you work. Unlike other Internet marketing courses, Russell does not say that you will earn it overnight or that there is a secret formula.

What DotComSecrets does is takes you through the motions of activities that Internet marketers will perform to ultimately become successful. You will learn a lot (especially through your failures) – this is normal, don’t worry! Therefore, you get to minimize your time wasted, and maximize your potential in succeeding.

DotCom Secret’s Mission

dotcomsecrets review 3The course wants to help 100,000 people earn their first hundred dollars, help 100,000 people quit their jobs and be able to become an Internet marketer full time, help 1,000 people earn six figure incomes, and help 1,000 people become full fledged millionaires within a period of time. Not a bad ambition to have!

He starts all of this with the 30 day challenge, in which all you have to do is pay $1 to gain access to his whole course. One measly dollar! From there, it is up to you to determine how much you will earn within those 30 days. You certainly will not earn a tremendous amount of money within these 30 days, but what we want you to focus on is what type of progress is made. Even if you failed, if you can learn from these failures, you will be one step closer to success on your next try.

How The Course Is Structured

The course is structured for you to watch videos in which the DotComSecrets strategies will be explained to you in efficient and effective ways. Thereafter, it is ultimately up to you how much action you will take to put what you’ve learned into practice. Those who constantly take action and are willing to take on some failures will be the ones who will succeed in this DotComSecrets course.

dotcomsecrets review 2One of the main things that he does teach is email marketing. He puts a strong emphasis on creating an email list, and this is for good reason. To create an email list within a niche where you can become an authority can literally propel your bank account. There are certain actions that you can take to have greater success in your email marketing campaigns and Russell will teach you these.

DotComSecrets gets two thumbs up from us for keeping it real!

Our Bonus Offer To You!

We know that when other people review products on their website, they tend to give you what they claim to be worth thousands of dollars worth of products. We used to be in the same boat as you – we would fall prey to these “shiny objects”. What we found was that we never used the bonuses that they gave us because they were virtually worthless and outdated. Also, with the large amount of stuff (more like fluff) they give you, it’s hard to ever get to it because it is so overwhelming.

So in going with Russell’s course, we want to provide you 30 days worth of free SEO for five of your keywords once you have your first website running. We want to give you a shortcut to the lead generation techniques that DotComSecrets will teach you. Let us give you that head start! From our end, no sales pitching, no hassles. The only thing that we do ask is that you abide by our guidelines.

For $1, what do you have to lose? Take action in grabbing DotComSecrets today!

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