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The New Online Entrepreneur Toolkit

4 secret weapons to help you predict your online product/service success, nurture new leads/email subscribers, plan out your funnel and set yourself up as a thought leader in your field.

This is a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about setting up a successful online business.

What's inside the toolkit?

A power-packed, easy-to-use resource bundle with 4 of the most powerful tools we use every day to help online entrepreneurs validate their ideas and have a “go to market” strategy.

#1 - Recurring Revenue Projections Calculator
Membership Sales Forecast

A perfect tool for forecasting subscription based business sales, it’s important to know what month you’ll break even so you can plan accordingly.

#2 - Digital Product Sales Forecast Calculator
Digital Product Forecast

The goal here is profit from the get go, you always want to be ROI positive and this tool will estimate your sweet spot.

#3 - New Lead/Subscriber Welcome Sequence
New Subscriber Welcome Sequence

What’s the point in paying for leads if you don’t do anything with them? This welcome sequence will keep your leads piping hot!

#4 - Funnel Planning What Your Customer Journey Should Be
Funnel Map

Knowing what a funnel should look like is critical, this blueprint will give you all the steps to include in your sales process.

Does this relate to you?

You spend hours awake at night because you’re excited about your BIG idea, but you have no idea how to get off the ground.

I totally get you, because that was how I felt.

Not once, but numerous times.

In fact, most new entrepreneurs feel this way, totally overwhelmed.

Let’s ditch all the doubt, frustration, struggle, and wasted time and skip right to the good stuff (aka profits).


YES — you can accurately make profit projections BEFORE you start your business.

YES — you can validate price points and determine what’s the right offer for your audience.

YES — You can nurture your leads and set yourself up as an authority with very little social proof..

BUT (I know, there’s always a but) it’s only possible if you listen to your hard data and react accordingly.

Lucky for you, that’s all super easy with…

Oh, by the way, did I mention its taken months of collective trial and error (and tons of real world testing) to develop these tools? Well, it did!

We’ve worked with hundred of business owners like you to get their products out into the world and money coming in.

It's time to validate your idea.

We’ve created tools that will help you flatten the learning curve and make it EASY for you to make informed decisions based on your numbers and maximize your profits. 

With this toolkit, you will have the power to know exactly how to create your offer, plan out your whole campaign, and consistently predict your results.

The best part, once you have real world data from your own campaigns, you can modify the assumptions and predict going forward.

Here’s a REAL WORLD example:

See, math isn’t scary -- it allows you to make decisions with confidence and ease!
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John Doe

Take a peek inside The New Online Entrepreneur Toolkit.

The New Online Entrepreneur Toolkit.

It’s not about “if” your product will work for you, but “when.”


These are not your mama’s marketing tools. No one else is offering these straight-forward, results-based resources.

That’s because these tools aren’t based on some guru’s ideas or yesterday’s marketing theories. What we’re presenting is based on today’s REALITY.

Each spreadsheet took YEARS of development and data that we gathered, working with HUNDREDS of clients.

And you can get ALL that knowledge. In your hands. Today.

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John Doe

Hi, Denis O'Brien here.

My mission is to help heal the overwhelm of digital marketing and execute ridiculously effective (aka profitable) strategies to skyrocket your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Because if you’re stuck spinning your wheels over your marketing, you can’t make the impact you were born to create.
But you MUST have a proven process in place.

How do I know? Because that’s what we do all day, every day.

My team is made up of over 20 TOP-LEVEL experts like our industry-leading senior strategists, rock star ads managers, award-winning creative director, and others who are all at the top of their game in the marketing and management world!

In 3 years, I built one of the largest and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies globally, creating and implementing multi-million dollar ad campaigns for entrepreneurs looking to make a massive positive impact on the world.

At Hirsh Marketing, we manage over 1 million in revenue for our clients each month, lead million-dollar launches, ROI over 100x, and lower cost-per-lead than anyone in the game.

Now, we want to share the tools we use every day to make the data-driven decisions that drive our mind-bending results.

Our ability to read and act on data is WHY we get better results than pretty much any other agency out there. Where other companies continually churn and burn clients, ours stay.

That’s because we can accurately predict our results, adjust our strategy as we go, confidently fix holes in the funnel, and take full advantage of every opportunity.

And now we want to give that power to YOU.

The New Online Entrepreneur Toolkit

Set a solid foundation.

Only $37

Is The New Online Entrepreneur Toolkit For You?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this Toolkit is PERFECT for your business!


If you’re trying to price your product, warm up your leads or put in place a basic funnel to make sales, then this is for you!

Yes! We’ll let you know when we publish new changes and when new bonuses are included.

Jumping into a product offering without knowing costs is a huge mistake, you could develop a product for which the numbers “don’t make sense” and end up wasting your time.

Email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

The New Online Entrepreneur Toolkit

4 secret weapons to help you predict your offer’s success, calculate your ad spend, and dramatically shortcut your way to a highly profitable funnel.


I want you to take back control…

As entrepreneurs, our days are FILLED with unknowns, tough decisions, and putting out fires.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re just along for the ride.

But when it comes to your marketing, you CAN get back in the driver’s seat.

You are here to make waves in your industry and reach the lives of millions.

It’s my mission to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to master your marketing, increase your impact, and maximize your profit potential.

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of influencers and entrepreneurs from people starting from scratch with little more than a brilliant idea all the way up to names so big I’m not even allowed to share them.

And now I want to help you.

You have the power to turn up the heat on your marketing strategy and ignite your success.

But first, let’s look at that data.

Denis O'Brien

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